December 25, 2008


What it looks like: $125 worth of gift cards for Wawa, Starbuck’s, and Dunkin Donuts

What it is: Free coffee for a year.

Merry KKKristmus


December 24, 2008

I want to be in your storm so bad
The world is pale next to you

December 23, 2008

Sweet, my drag racer The SS Bloodbath (pictured a few entries below, the UPS truck) beat like twenty other dragsters in both speed AND safety.  Numb’r one, yey

December 23, 2008

My head keeps getting more and more foggy. I don’t know what’s going on up there, but whatever it is, it’s getting much worse. I can’t tell between what I really did and what might have been a dream. My brain’s glazed over like a Christmas ham. I could go see the number one film of the century on IMAX with lazer lights and white tigers runnin’ around and Ryan on my arm, and I’d feel the same as I would if I’d just stared at a blank wall for three hours. Somebody smack me with a wet rubber glove and snap me out of it, it’s getting old, I’m getting bored.

December 21, 2008

I’ll keep this brief.  This group called ‘METAL DOODS’ added me on MySpace the other day.  I think it was supposed to be a Suicide Girls type deal for guys.  Anyway, today I figured I’d check it out and see what the deal was.  What I found was nothing less than enraging.  Let’s review.

This isn’t metal, this isn’t alternative, this isn’t even attractive.  This is bullshit and if there’s anything I hate about the way the music I love is headed, its this.  Not that there hasn’t always been residing scenester faggots, but it sure feels like there are a hell of a lot more of them now.

However, there were a scant few good looking men in this idiot round-up I couldn’t discount.  They’re still faggots though, as far as I’m concerned.

December 21, 2008

Getting sick of this thing.

December 19, 2008




This freakin’ boy

December 18, 2008

Two years ago exactly


December 15, 2008

Yesterday Chelsea and I went to the Promenade and got coffee and embarrassed ourselves in public and shit until about five or so when Ryan came down and took me out to dinner and a movie. Our hostess at Applebee’s was a transsexual and we saw The Day the Earth Stood Still. I thought it was alright, I still can’t really take Keanu Reeves seriously. Ryan said the original was better, I haven’t seen it.

Afterwards we crashed on a mattress on the floor of my empty room (I can’t wait until my room is finished). I woke up at like three in the morning and caught my cat and locked it in my room to show Ryan and it started screaming so I let it out. Freaking geek. Anyway, we woke up for real at like nine and went to the Q-Mart and got pizza, then hung out around here for a while ’til he left. I used up the rest of the primer on the walls and need more. I don’t want to go to school tomorrow.

Also, this one time, I was in my basement, and there was this badger, and Broc came and killed it with a musket.

December 13, 2008

Last night was bonkers.  Broke into a school with like twenty people from that Wilkes-Barre show, went into the girl’s locker room and all the dudes started changing to go in the pool when the guard comes and says he called the cops.  We all run from him and all get away unscathed except for this one guy who threw his hand through a glass door and shattered the door and sliced up his hand.  We piled into Joe’s van and met up and some place to see if everyone was there, then drove Marty and I back to our car and we drove home.  END.