January 6, 2009

when i drive alone at night
incessant visions of your eyes
the spindle of my mind
weaves a perfect fabric of you and i


January 6, 2009

I have not been keeping up with this thing.  Um, mostly I’ve just been spending a lot of time with Ryan and doing other little things here and there.  Tomorrow’s my first day of in-school suspension, that should be a good old time.  What else.  Uh, my room’s ‘pumpkin’ orange now.  That’s cool,

January 4, 2009

Bikini Kill – Don’t Need You

Dont need you to say were cute
Dont need you to say were alright
Dont need your protection
Dont need no kiss goodnight

Dont need you, dont need you
Us girls dont need you

Dont need you to say were good
Dont need you to tell us we suck
Dont need your atti-fuckin-tude boy
Dont need your dick to fuck

January 1, 2009

Am I the only person on this fucking PLANET who thinks Fucked Up sucks?

January 1, 2009

Went to a party with a bunch of Southerners last night, Broc and I were about the only ones without an accent there. After a few gross Nascar beers (Miller Lite) and some champagne, I whipped everyone’s ass in Mortal Kombat/DC Universe and did other shit. It was your typical party. When the ball dropped (they actually drop a giant pelican down here), I had nobody to kiss. There’s a smart, funny, caring, tough as nails guy waiting for me up in PA who I can’t wait to come home to.

I should mention that Southern folks party really, really hard. My weak Philly bones couldn’t keep up, haha.

I’m back in the RV now, waiting around for nothing in particular. We go home tomorrow morning, I can’t wait. I’m so ready to get out of here.

Eat shit,

December 31, 2008

UPDATE (note: I will be doing updates often because I am near my computer all the time down here and I have lots of spare time).

Yesterday we went fishing on this rickety old boat for about three or maybe four hours and caught a grand total of SIX FISH.  Yeah, apparently fishing is a ‘hit or miss’ type deal, and yesterday was a huge miss.  Anyway, out of those six fish, only one was legal to keep.  Just so happens that that was mine.  Hells to the yeah.  Also, I caught the second biggest fish on a boat with myself and four men.  I rule?

After that we met my cousin Jennifer at Danny’s (KFC of the south?  Even though there are already KFCs down here?)  and she said she wants to take Broc and I to whatever her New Years plans are going to be.  She said there might be clubbing involved, in which case I might politely opt out.  She also said there might be a house party, an occasion I’d only show up to if I could get mind-blowingly drunk to deal with hanging out all night in a house full of people I’ve never met.  Awk.  I hardly know Jennifer.  I should probably just suck it up and go.

After we left Danny’s, we stopped back at the house to shower and then went to some Florida Gators-themed bar with my grandparents, dad, step mom, aunt and aunt’s boyfriend’s family.  They kept trying to get me to go to the club with this soccer team dude who was there who was the boyfriend’s little brother or something.  They also gave me lots of beer.  I drank Broc’s, too.  Yeehaw

When we were finished whatever we were doing there, we went across the street to this seafood restaurant where we waited an hour to sit (don’t know why we didn’t just leave) and another forty five minutes to eat.  Ridiculous.  I got raw oysters on the half-shell and some weird sushi that had steak in it.  Doesn’t sound like sushi to me, tasted like a cheeseburger.  After dad stole the salt and pepper shakers, we drove home.


December 30, 2008

Up at the buttcrack of dawn to go fishing.


December 30, 2008

Brief description of Atlanta (or the airport, at least): 25% good looking men, 50% nogs, 25% other.

Brief description of Florida: Churches, chicken and gravy, real places with names like Smuggler’s Cove, senior citizens.  Every street is named after a Spanish explorer.  The sushi sucks.

The current living arrangements are as follows:


This is the bedroom of my grandparent’s RV.  The bedroom also includes a vanity, a shower, a separate bathroom (not sure why the shower wasn’t included there, a TV, a glass sliding door closet and tons of storage.  I don’t feel like taking anymore pictures.  Also, my brother shut the door on me so he could ‘wack-off-sterbate’, I’m 80% sure he’s kidding.  I don’t want to take any chances.

I’m going fishing in the morning, something I haven’t done for at least five or so years.  After that, who knows.

December 28, 2008

I feel great.  Last night I stayed up ’til six or so drinking Jameson, listening to that Terrifyer record Ryan gave me and drawing out illustrations for Brooke’s novel.  I did have plans, but they went to hell.  I’m kind of glad though, because I needed a break.  I was getting all foggy again, and not the good way, the way that if you go out into public and try interacting with people it’s sure to be disastrous.

But, whatever.  This morning is good.  Check the new coffee setup:

Grinder’s from this place called The Country Grinder in the QMart, Press is from StarBucks.  Pretty sweet if you want to ask me

December 27, 2008

Did anybody else see that story on TV about the homicidal Santa guy?  It was on MSNBC at like five AM, or probably on some other stations earlier but I was way too preoccupied with yon boyfriend.  Dude gets divorced, so he MAKES a flame-thrower, gets a gun, dresses up as Santa Clause and goes on a murderous rampage at a Christmas party killing eight people.

Supposedly it was a kid who answered the door, and promptly got flame-throwered in the face by Santa.  He didn’t even die, which is the worst part.  Poor lil’ dude.  This is the most metal Christmas ever.