December 30, 2008

Brief description of Atlanta (or the airport, at least): 25% good looking men, 50% nogs, 25% other.

Brief description of Florida: Churches, chicken and gravy, real places with names like Smuggler’s Cove, senior citizens.  Every street is named after a Spanish explorer.  The sushi sucks.

The current living arrangements are as follows:


This is the bedroom of my grandparent’s RV.  The bedroom also includes a vanity, a shower, a separate bathroom (not sure why the shower wasn’t included there, a TV, a glass sliding door closet and tons of storage.  I don’t feel like taking anymore pictures.  Also, my brother shut the door on me so he could ‘wack-off-sterbate’, I’m 80% sure he’s kidding.  I don’t want to take any chances.

I’m going fishing in the morning, something I haven’t done for at least five or so years.  After that, who knows.


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