December 28, 2008

I feel great.  Last night I stayed up ’til six or so drinking Jameson, listening to that Terrifyer record Ryan gave me and drawing out illustrations for Brooke’s novel.  I did have plans, but they went to hell.  I’m kind of glad though, because I needed a break.  I was getting all foggy again, and not the good way, the way that if you go out into public and try interacting with people it’s sure to be disastrous.

But, whatever.  This morning is good.  Check the new coffee setup:

Grinder’s from this place called The Country Grinder in the QMart, Press is from StarBucks.  Pretty sweet if you want to ask me


2 Responses to “”

  1. Barbara Says:

    So you got over your whole feeling foggy phase? Thats good to hear. I guess the only way to get out of it is distractions, huh?

  2. qiyamatatawil Says:

    I wish I knew how to respond to your comments, but yes, lots of distractions.

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