December 15, 2008

Yesterday Chelsea and I went to the Promenade and got coffee and embarrassed ourselves in public and shit until about five or so when Ryan came down and took me out to dinner and a movie. Our hostess at Applebee’s was a transsexual and we saw The Day the Earth Stood Still. I thought it was alright, I still can’t really take Keanu Reeves seriously. Ryan said the original was better, I haven’t seen it.

Afterwards we crashed on a mattress on the floor of my empty room (I can’t wait until my room is finished). I woke up at like three in the morning and caught my cat and locked it in my room to show Ryan and it started screaming so I let it out. Freaking geek. Anyway, we woke up for real at like nine and went to the Q-Mart and got pizza, then hung out around here for a while ’til he left. I used up the rest of the primer on the walls and need more. I don’t want to go to school tomorrow.

Also, this one time, I was in my basement, and there was this badger, and Broc came and killed it with a musket.


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