November 28, 2008

Alright, so, in lieu of me being extremely bored during this hours-long family gathering, I have locked myself up in my room and rounded up a few of my favorite songs into another reviled Taylor mix


‘Reviled’ might be an exaggeration, but the last one got 39 downloads.  So eat shit.

Here’s the new one: LINK

Bands are as follows: The Ergs!, Heresy, Dag Nasty, Haymaker, I Hate You, Black SS, Man is the Bastard, Gehenna, Acid Bath, Pig Destroyer, Orange Goblin, Sons of Otis, Swans, Angels of Light, and a bonus hip hop dude I can’t stop listening to for the life of me – Khmer Kid.

And don’t message me later saying ‘Unnghh Taylor you suck there were good songs and then you ruined it with this band unnghh’ because I put a little somethin’ in there for everyone, and I really doubt there’s going to be a lot of people who like ALL of it.

Here’s the last one if anyone’s interested: LINK

Bands: Breakdown, Crucial Unit, Harum Scarum, Huggy Bear, Infest, Lemonheads, Magrudergrind, Melvins, The Mountain Goats, Pig Destroyer, Sick of it All, Sons of Otis, Swans, Victims.

Do yourself a favor and d/l both.


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