November 15, 2008

Last night I went to my brother Broc and cousin Ryan’s birthday party at my aunt Rachelle’s house.  I brought them each $5 Wawa giftcards (you read that right – five dollars) for hoagies, had some coffee and peaced ’cause I don’t too much like family events.

After that, I went home and played the shit out of Fable II, and ended up going to Andrew’s party because Brandon, Steve and Chelsea all told me to.  No one threatened to be me up this time, Ellie 😉

Today I worked at my grandpa’s making little plastic wheels, and in about ten minutes I have to leave to go babysit some kids.  And let me tell you – I don’t like children.  In fact, the only think I dislike more than a child is two children, which is lucky for me because that’s exactly what I get to deal with for the next five hours.  FHUUUUUUUCK


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