November 9, 2008

So, I was sitting around in my room yesterday evening because I had just gotten back from ‘work’ (making small plastic wheels in my grandpa’s workshop for $15/hr) and I was counting money when it occurred to me – $70?  Gee, THAT SOUNDS LIKE ENOUGH TO BUY FABLE II OH MY GOD FINALLY WHAT THE FUCK plus ten bucks extree

So I get in my car and go to one of the many Game Stop locations in Quakertown and Shawn was working and he knew I was 18 so I didn’t have to show him my license which was cool because I didn’t bring it and that would have been such a bummer to have to leave and go get it and run-on sentences

So I bring it home and tell the kids to get off of the XBox right now and popped it in and played it.  So far, so good.  The controls were a little wacky at first though, your character walks awkwardly and takes big steps, so its kind of weird for where a lot of the game has taken place so far – narrow little village streets.  You run into walls and stuff.  Also, every time I try to access the menu, I hit B because in Oblivion that’s what you hit to get there.  Unfortunately in Fable II, when you hit B, you slam the ground and release this sonic boom type-thing filled with swords that fly outwards and all the villagers freak out and run off and ‘+5 FEAR’ pops up above their heads.  And then the town crier calls you ‘Skull Crusher’.

You can also get married and have children, which I already did, though somewhat early in the game.  We live in a gypsy caravan.  Also, you can buy condoms and have sex, which is, um, and interesting feature.  And kind of weird, too, because they didn’t even have rubber in medieval times.  Way to be consistent.

I have to go get ready to leave, so, yeah.  Bye


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