Make the Best of, Whatever Comes My Way, Comes My Way

November 8, 2008

Last night I took the train with Scott, Brandon and Brandon’s two lady-friends (I should add that they aren’t THAT kind of lady-friend) to see the Mountain Goats in Philly.  I loved it.  Especially when they played Heretic Pride and No Children.  Unfortunately, I had to stand all the way in the back next to the soundboard, but the floor inclined so I could see over all the tall mother fucker’s heads and see the whole stage.  Wondeful.

Kaki King opened for them.  I don’t really know who they are or what they’re about, but that chick is awesome at guitar and she got to kiss John Darnielle (which is something I assume not many girls can say) so I guess they were alright.

Afterwards we were going to walk to this chick’s party, but it was really late and we didn’t really feel like it, so we walked around aimlessly until 4am losing our minds and feeling in our feet.  Rudy picked us up at Penn’s Landing finally, it was pretty fuckin’ tough packing all those people into his pick-up terrrrk, but we managed and he dropped me off at the Lansdale station and I got in my car and got home.

My brain’s still a little backward from sleep deprivation, but I have a cup of coffee and lots of plans for today.


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