This Song, This Song’s For Anyone Who – Fuck it, Just Listen

November 3, 2008

Trying to make a somewhat interesting post for Brandon to read.  Hm, um, I DON’T KNOW.

I’m super excited for Maryland Deathfest.  Its like somebody took all of my favorite bands ever and threw them together for this.

I’m beside myself.

Anyway, hung out with Ryan last night (which was awesome) and this morning I’m home because I had to be around for this heater repair man.  It was funny because it turns out there was nothing wrong with our heater, my mom just forgot to plug it in.  *slaps self*

Gee this isn’t very interesting at all, is it?  Its early.

Fuck my brother having Hed PE on iTunes on this computer and it randomly playing.  Worst band ever.  Leading pre-emptive attack band of the century.  FUCK YOU!  BITCH GET THE FUCK OUT!  I would probably rather listen to Drowning Pool or even ICP over this band.

Hey.  I want to get a place somewhere for the Summer, an apartment or something in a cool place.  Somebody do this with me?


2 Responses to “This Song, This Song’s For Anyone Who – Fuck it, Just Listen”


    except 2 things:

    a. are you going to deathfest? i’d be interested in joining in. i’d help with gas/whatever.

    b. places for the summer sounds great. i’m saving right now to move. perhaps i could share with you – unless you could find someone else. i’d go anywhere. i’d have to quit my job and get another one though, which is relaly exciting.

  2. “well, quidditch” would have been more acceptable.

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