Anything Not Decaf

October 27, 2008

Well, I guess I’ll blog about what I did today ’cause I just got home and that’s what I usually do when I just get home from whatever I did. Way to be predictable, Taylor. Anyway.

I thought today was going to be shit ’cause my grandpa took my car for inspection, so I had no way to get anywhere. Also, I had no spending money. BUT – despite all of these things, I still ended up getting to get the fuck out of the house ’cause Brandon Steve Scott Rudy and Andrew were awesome enough to pick me up on their way to Philly to get falafels.

I should probably write about my first falafel. I don’t think this is going to be the most interesting thing so I’ll keep it short:

Eh. It was okay. It might have been better if it wasn’t a vegan falafel, but, uh, whatever. Falafel.

I met a toothless bum in a viking hat today, also. He was on the way to the bar so our conversation was cut short. Shame!

After that, we went to an open mic thing at some coffee place in Spring City (?) I don’t know how I end up half these places. Anyway. The boys created a band on the way to this place (I politely opted out of playing bongos ’cause I have absolutely no fucking clue what I’m doing on any instrument at all) and called it, uh, I don’t remember what they called it. They actually did really well despite of being thrown together last minute and having their practice actually right outside of the building.

Now I am home and I really, really want to know when I am getting my car.

On a separate note, I feel weird this week. When I’m having one of these weeks, it is usually extremely noticeable. I’ll bounce back soon, promise


One Response to “Anything Not Decaf”

  1. up the viking bike punx.

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