Zero Sobriety

October 25, 2008

Last night I dressed up as the unabomber and went to the halloween Zero Society show in the middle of the woods in Coopersburg.  There was tons of beer and Jesus was there and Ian was dressed as a keg.  I got there pretty late, so I only saw a little of Joey and then Zero Society, who some retards started push-moshing for so I jumped on Steve’s back and he ran around the pit and I beat sluts with my box bomb.

Afterwards Brandon and I got some food and I slept in Rudy’s driveway and drove home in the morning.  I was so tired.  I’m still tired today, I didn’t do hardly anything ’cause of the storm so I’m stuck inside.  Mom brought all of the coffee with her camping, so there is none in the house.  Somebody come over, I’m dying.


One Response to “Zero Sobriety”

  1. dying, dying, dying…


    you never called me back. you are so lame. everyone blew me off! like – literally 10 people.

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