What a Horrible Freggen Day

October 23, 2008

Only made worse by somebody telling me that it was, in fact, THURSDAY, and not Friday like I was thinking all day long. H8 IT.

In any case, I have two weeks to log 40 hours in for my senior project, or I don’t get senior priv this year. However, this is why I can both not do the project within the given time period AND have senior priv. Let’s analyze:

I have it first period next quarter. That means I have no specified class to be in first period. That means they have to way of marking if I am there or not, because my attendance wouldn’t be logged until second period. That means I can do whatever I damn-well please first period and the admin can go to hell.

They already took away my homecoming/prom/sports games/etc attending privileges, which I really didn’t mind all that much about – but I AM HAVING MY SENIOR PRIV.  Ya homos


2 Responses to “What a Horrible Freggen Day”

  1. so what are the kids with all over print?

  2. i totally see these kids at hardcore shows from time to time. frankie from pottsgrove is exactly that style.

    i guess he’s a “faux hip hop” kid who listens to hardcore?

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