October 23, 2008

Saw this movie with Marty tonight


Didn’t help I blew twenty bucks on tickets/candy in one night either, esp since I don’t have a job anymore and my fall-back cash stash is growing smaller and smaller every day. I have one more check from Adult World, but its only got like… $80 in it? Maybe? A whole fucking lot that will get me. Fable II.

Anyway, Zero Society show on Friday, going as the unabomber. Saturday I have no clue what I’m doing, maybe going to Shippensburg or finding haunted hay rides or going to the camp ground. Either would be fine with me.

Taylor out


One Response to “W.”

  1. đŸ™‚ – to friday.

    saturday – i’m trying to convince people to go to this one haunted asylum thing in philly. it looks fuckin’ rad… also – a few people are going to dorney on saturday, to hit up rides, and to go on the haunted whatever bullshit thing. we’ll see. i dont feel like going, it’s 20 bucks and it’s going to be really cold, i still might though.

    sunday – falafels @ Maoz on south street, if you’d be giz-ame. i think it’s just me and rudy meeting our friend kate.

    just extending, i’m not sure what i’m doing. but if you’re interested in any of the above – if your plans fall threw, you know who to call.


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