Home Today

October 7, 2008

Home sick.  Just woke up and had some ostrich jerky.  I don’t know how this stuff finds its way into my house, probably through Swann’s (damn you, Carson).  I’m making a pretzel sandwich and it’s going to be delarshus.  I love being home sick.

I’ve been listening to so much corny pop punk this week, its ridiculous.  I’ve been in such a good mood.  Correlation?  Maybe.  WHO KNEW LISTENING TO THE BOUCING SOULS NON-STOP WOULD MAKE ME FEEL BETTER THAN LISTENING TO I HATE YOU?  ITS SO WEIRD

I’ve been working three weeks at my job and haven’t been paid yet.  But, oh, once that check comes… $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.  So good.  I’m going to get Mahoney’s old drumset and an acoustic guitar.  These are my two top Wants at the moment.  Moneysmoneysmoneys.

I don’t know why I keep blogging so much.  Stoppit tellur


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