September 24, 2008

Its late and I’m not that tired.  I got a WHAMMO or SMACKAROO or some kind of weird energy drink from work today before I left at 7, so I guess its still working.

Today was my first day of work, and no I didn’t have to clean up splooge or get groped by lonely old men.  Its actually really laid back, you guys are fucking nerds.

Afterwards I visited my dad with my brother and now I’m home listening to this Count Me Out album Scott told me to listen to.  Its alright, I’ll probably like it more once I start getting familiar with the songs.

Tomorrow is work again.  Thursday is detention and then hanging out with Rani and probably taking Josh to get his hair cut.  Friday is work again, then hanging out with Marty, and then leaving to go camping up in the mountains with Brandon and the other Scott and Emilie and people I haven’t met.  I really fucking love camping.

When the hell did all of these people walk into my life?  Did I just recently become worthwhile to be around or something?


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