September 22, 2008

Today I stayed after with Josh to watch his try out for the school play thing. It was marginally interesting to watch, but drama club ain’t really my thing. Afterwards we went to Taco Bell and parked next to the pond and ate tacos and talked about black metal and Scotland, then we hung out at his house for a while and he showed me all of his stuff. This kid is cool because he is interesting and likes to tell me all the ways he thinks I’m awesome.

First day of work tomorrow, at… uh, Adult World.

Other headlines of interest in the life of Taylor: Goofy Misogynist Digital Electronics Teacher Continues to Prove His Hate of Women. My friend Nolan made me laugh once during class today, so Mr. Polk said, “see, this is why girls can’t do digital electronics. They can’t take anything seriously.” I guess he forgot the part where I’m one of the most well-behaved and skilled people in the class. Maybe he doesn’t notice that when people need help, they come to me.  I guess he also forgot, when giving me my perfect 100% progress report, to dock points for being a girl.

I would hate that guy so much if he didn’t do that hilarious cookie monster voice.


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