I’m Back

September 21, 2008


I guess I’ll talk about this weekend. Friday after school, Tabby Brit and myself drove two hours to Ted’s college to party. Awesome night until about three in the morning when Brit and I were chased off campus by the po and ended up having to sleep in my car. Again.

This morning we left and I had my interview at Adult World at 12:30. I thought it would be funny/interesting/easy working there, but that place is way too intense. Tabby and Brittni: if Adult World calls you asking to speak to Taylor’s ‘aunts’ – I’m sorry, but I had to put you as my emergency contacts. I don’t think my parents would think it real awesome to be getting phone calls from Adult World regarding their precious innocent only daughter.

Tonight I didn’t do much. I was going to go out, but I had already spent $60 on gas today and yesterday and really wasn’t about to lay out any more for it. Instead, I just went to Wal-Mart and bought the kids an Indiana Jones Jeep thing because I overheard Lucas crying about not having anybody to play with. I felt really guilty ’cause I’m around a lot and never spend time with them really. I also saw Andrew and Chris there, they helped me pick out the Jeep thing because I really have no clue what little boys like.

Tomorrow I’m probably hanging out with Dorn unless I have to babysit, which would suck because I really want to hang out with him.


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