Little Things

September 13, 2008

I hate my physics class because they make me do group work.  It’s not necessarily working in groups that I hate, but the fact that EVERYTHING we do is group work.  Swaves won’t let me do a single problem on my own.

I was in class Thursday sitting in my back corner (like I do in that class ’cause it sucks and is filled with a bunch of sophomore retards) and Swaves gives us some problems to do before class is over.  I do like three of them real quick while everyone’s picking groups and shit, trying to get done before everyone else so I can spend the rest of the period wandering the halls or something, and he says I have to pick a group to work in.

I said, really?  I’m almost done here, it’ll be lots faster if I just do it on my own without having to get input and shit from everyone else.  He said he wanted me to work on my ‘group work’ skills, I said I’m great in groups but it isn’t really necessary.

So he sticks me with four sophomore sports types across the room.  They go, Mr. Swavely, we already have four people.  I go, now you have five.  And slam my books down.  My school life would make a cool movie.  I spent the rest of the period helping them figure out formulas and other right-under-your-nose easy shit.

Today was really cool though.  I slept in and when I woke up, Tabby Brit and I went down to Montgomeryville and got some Chinese food and went shopping.  It was raining though, and that sucked.

Anyway.  We went to the QMart and I applied at Adult World.  I came home at five something ’cause my mom wanted to have a family thing.  A lot of pictures were taken.  I’ll post the one where i’m standing around with my brothers and cousins and uncles later so all men i meet in my life will have a good reason not to mess with me.  I’m going to die alone.


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