More School

September 5, 2008

So, it just so happens that I did not get into AP computer sciences because I did not pass C++ programming 2 class with a ‘proficient’ grade.  I had to have at least earned a C, but alas – I passed with a D.  Baww.

I can accredit this most to me handing everything in super late and, it being the first period of the day, me coming in 15, 30, 45 minutes after class had begun.  Damn having my license, and damn John’s having such delicious breakfast food.

This isn’t all so bad though, because in place of where my AP computer sciences class would have been, I am now going to be taking a sociology/anthropology class, which I am equally excited for.

Tomorrow’s my first real gym day, too.  We’ll be changing.  I don’t have any gym clothes though, and I don’t have money to buy any yet.  If I show up to gym tomorrow without clothes to change in, that’s a class cut and that’d earn me a Saturday detention.  The solution?  I’m coming in late and using the money I will be getting tomorrow to buy something over the weekend.  I really hate having to spend my money on things I don’t even want though, I don’t even have enough money for the things that I do want.  Fucking, school.

Skipping class without consequence.  The magic of first period.


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