September 3, 2008

So a lot of people today like to say that sexism doesn’t really exist anymore, but those people are retards.  I’m not some sort of feminazi trying to say that I’m all sorts of oppressed or anything, but if there’s ever a situation where you’re slighted for being female – you know.

In digital electronics class today, a class with a mostly male demographic with the exception of me and another girl (our teacher said it was the first time ever he’d had female students), we were talking about amperage.

Our teacher asks the class, “Who here plays an instrument?”  The guy next to me and I both raise our hands and say we play bass and guitar.  So he stands there, staring right at the dude next to me, talking about ‘you know how when this’ and ‘when you’re doing that’.  Talking about, essentially, setting up equipment for a show (microphones particularly).  First thing I thought was, what the hell would a bass player really know about setting up a PA?  Second, what the hell.  I, too, was in a band that played shows.

After the teacher walks away, I turned to the kid next to me and asked him if he saw that.  He said yes that he definitely noticed.

I mean, it was so rude it was almost hilarious, much the same way its hilarious to walk up to someone on the street and throw a pie in their face.  I was wowed.

Fuck that guy.


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