An Update

September 1, 2008

This past week has been a blur of parties and friends and good things, but I have been neglecting other things and am ready to go back to school.

School shopping anywhere other than the internet is fucking hard.  Every time I go shopping I either leave with new panties, a video game, or a book.  Nothing else.  It is one of these three things.

I went shopping today with Brit and Tabby and it just so happens that I got a bunch of panties and a book.  What’s the Matter with Kansas?  I had already read a little bit of it on the internet, but fuck that.  It hurts me eyes.  I also got a plain white T, I give up on clothes.  Forever.

The mead is coming along… uh, sort of well.  The first day it foamed and leaked out of the balloon onto all the boxes and shit in my closet making a pretty little mess.  I added more yeast to make up for what had been lost, shook it up, and put a new balloon on it.  It’s fine now, but probably will taste like ass (it was probably going to anyway).

I need money.


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