Easier Said Than Done

August 23, 2008

I’m making a new tower case out of wood.  I might provide pictures if it turns out neat, if it sucks… well, there’s no chance of me putting it all back together in its other case correctly so… I’m fucked?  Yeah, that.

Anyway.  Everybody is on vacation again.  I’ve been having a lot of time to myself.

I have a hot tub now, its kind of just a baby pool with really high walls.  There are no seats.  I guess that’s why it was so cheap.

Douchy parking lot boys: Just because we listen to similar music doesn’t mean we have anything else in common.  Get over it.

I want to get a Nikon F100 and learn how to develop film.  I want to have a makeshift darkroom in the basement and hang the uncoiled film all over the room from clothespins.  A derpa derpa der

I’m bored.  I started out with a clean slate, then messed it all up, and have been working towards cleaning it up for a good long time.  Well, I’m at that clean slate again, and its very boring.  Its fun to make mistakes, but a lot of stupid things are fun.


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