On Bad Habits

August 19, 2008

Back when I was a kid, maybe nine or ten years old, my big brother and I used to walk to and from the bus stop together every day.  We used to joke a lot, just back and forth, saying things until something struck us as hilarious.

Every time I’d begin a joke, I’d say ‘its like’ beforehand.  For example: “Its like, this guy goes up to this lady and says this, and then this happens”.  It was just an easy way to introduce a joke, I didn’t really think about it.

One day I was talking to my brother, and I said something along the lines of, “its like, he had cans for hands (or something).”  And instead of him laughing and piggybacking it with another joke, he just said, “Oh, is that what its like?”.   The conversation came to a screeching halt, and I just thought, “Oh… hm.  I guess that isn’t what its like” and I never used the term again.


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