August 17, 2008

Sierra should have just let it die.  Every Spyro game since they’ve taken over has been dog shit.  They ditched of the portals (and the realms that correspond to said portals), 99.9% of characters, and now I have to sit through an hour of cut scenes (frrrrrrt) just to play some shitty game I could now beat in a few hours because Sierra doesn’t give a shit about Spyro.  I also have to listen to Elijah Woods’ 12-year-old-boy voice during the whole ordeal.  And Gary Oldman’s.  And David Spade’s in the last Spyro, which I really can’t complain about because I like David Spade.  I don’t understand how they’re making any money off of this outside of sales to people like me who have played every other Spyro release and are now trapped being Sierra’s bitch.



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