Thugs Mansion

August 10, 2008

Today I woke up on the couch and we all went to the beach. I got some color and hung out, then came back and Miranda and I drove to Ron Jon. There was so much fucking traffic, it was ridiculous. There were old people with walkers going faster than we were. We ended up just shouting things to good looking people, mostly “ELLO LOVE” so people thought we were European and there was this adorable jogging guy to whom I shouted, “YOU’RE SO FAST”. Since we were going slower than he was, he stopped to say hey. Gorgeous.  I think it’s a rule that when you’re in a town full of attractive folk, you need to shout out of your vehicle to them.

We got to Ron Jon and everything sucked.  We went next door to B&B and everything sucked.  We went to Wawa for coffee and the place was crawling with hot dudes, and that did not suck at all.  The guy-to-girl ratio here is absolutely fantastic.

Broc Bianca Miranda and I just got done a rousing game of Taboo.  Okay, if I said, “In a large body of stuff you drink, there is often times a small land mass with coconuts and palm trees.”, would you be able to infer that I was talking about an island?  Because Miranda couldn’t.  Hahaha.  We still won by one point


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