Ariel Dolphin Girl

August 7, 2008

Today Marty came over and I baked him a cake for his birthday.  I accidentally ruined the top layer, and so i had to melt down the icing and drizzle it over the crumbled disaster and really, it was just a mess.  Sorry Marty, maybe I’ll get it right next year.

Afterwards I visited my dad and now I’m home.  I’m so tired.


One Response to “Ariel Dolphin Girl”

  1. Josh Says:

    old news on the vinyl up, cds down thing.

    that said,
    i purchased my first cd (besides limited cdrs and the like) in several months today at a chain store.
    i also received WAY more cdrs this week than vinyl, which will be seen in tomorrow’s “Weekly Friday Update”. Kind of a bummer, but it’s all good stuff.

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