No Lyin’

July 30, 2008

Tonight Brit and I went to some Moroccan restaurant in Warminster called ‘Casa Blanca’.  Place was so fucking cool, sat down to an eight-course meal (a formidable opponent) and got harassed by a clearly NOT Moroccan belly-dancer, what with her near-nudity and fringed clothing and finger symbols… *shudder*.  Brittni danced with her, it was hilarious mostly because she could hardly stand from eating so much, let alone belly dance.  Horf city.

After that we went to a Border’s down there somewhere and I picked up two issues of Paranoia.  Then we drove the 50 minutes home, me listening to Torche (incredible driving music) and Brit SCHLEEPAN LIKE A BABY in the passenger seat.

I’m going to sleep so well tonight


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