Night Shift Folk are So Nice

July 18, 2008

Today I woke up on the couch in the afternoon and watched Daria until about three.  I then drove my grandpa back to his house and worked for an hour drilling lever wheels.  Jared and his friends were there working on a go-kart, they looked like inmates.  He’s got some creepy friends.

I left when it started thundering, I thought I’d be able to beat the storm when (in fact) I drove right into it.  I also had to take the long way home because there was a huge flaming branch blocking the street.  I guess Jesus really is coming back!  Joke aside, I tried to get a picture but I didn’t want to park anywhere where my car would be an obstacle for the fire dudes.

I went to Target after that to get a bathing suit, finally.  Target’s a funny place, you go there with one item in mind and leave with twenty things you convinced yourself you had a use for.  Anyway, some guy was dressed up as the Dark Knight and I stalked him for at least five minutes.

Afterwards Rani and I went out for curly fries and did usual Rani and Taylor catching up.  I now have more food to clean off of my car.


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