Why Do

July 17, 2008

Most trendy douchebags think it’s cool to openly express their atheism with an inverted cross, but not an inverted figure of any other religion?

Why are we more comfortable with insulting Christianity, but not Islam or Judaism etc so much?  If somebody expressed a hatred of Islam or Judaism the way I see most people trashing Christianity, they would be ‘intolerant’ or ‘anti-semitists’, right?  And these are people who have never stepped inside of a church/synagogue/mosque.

I mean, if somebody decided to become a die-hard Hindu, they’d probably be admired for their profound spirituality whereas a die-hard Christian would probably get harassed for holding values that are personal decisions anyway and don’t require the input of any prejudiced douchebags.  Look at Hare-Krishna.

I personally regard all theistic religions as possible truths on the basis that there is no concrete means of proving or disproving any of them.  This is why arguing about religion is, was, and always will be – completely fucking retarded shit-slinging.

To me, an inverted cross is the symbolic equivalent of: “TAKE THIS, MOM AND DAD!!”.  

I’ll do me, and you fuck yourselves.


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