July 2, 2008

Today was my first day out in a long fucking time. Kind of. Like three days, so what.

I’ve been taking a shitload of meds and somehow worked up the energy to walk out into daylight. I wanted to go to Wawa to get coffee, because whatever my coffee-maker was making tasted like butt. Oddly enough, Wawa’s coffee tasted like butt as well! I decided that I needed to go to a place that couldn’t possibly fuck up coffee, so I met Rani at Starbucks and got a tall mocha frap.

Afterwards Marty and I went out to China Gate (or some other generic chinese-food-place name, like Garden Sun Dragon or something). After that we went to the Promenade and I got Coffee and Cigarettes, some cult movie with Iggy Pop and Tom Waits in it (2/3 reasons I bought it… Coffee and Cigarettes is a Slumlords song and you guys know how I worship them). It was kind of a watch-by-yourself movie, so I threw on SLC Punk ’cause, fuck, everyone loves that movie.

Now it’s 11:47 and Marty went home. Broc’s having a bonfire and a few of his friends are over. I’m thinking I might hit them up later or something. Haaaaay.


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