I Really Love

June 20, 2008

Orchid lyrics

They’re pathetic and hopeless, who can’t relate with that?

In other news, I’m sitting around the house drinking coffee and I have to go to work in a few hours. I’m thinking that on top of this job (about twice a week for a few hours at $15/hr working in a shop making machine parts) and my babysitting job (every week day from 9am – 4pm at $100/wk), I’m also going to try again to get a job in town. I have too much stuff I want to get, and not enough money for any of it. I’m a broke sumamabitch, true life.

This is going to make me sound like complete queerhole, but I’m sort of excited for school next year. Not for the people, ’cause God knows I really don’t miss that many of those kids, but for my classes. I’m going to be having AP political science, digital electronics (sort of like tech-ed class), and AP computer programming. I don’t give a shit about any of the other classes, and will probably pass those with straight D’s like any other year. PUMPED YA’LL

Not a whole lot more to blog about really, um, I guess Brittni and I are going to NYC next weekend, and that should be fun. We get to take the R7, stop in Trenton, get raped, then get on NJ Transit and get to NYC that way. I want to do a little research on the place though before I go there. I want to know good places to go, not just wander around aimlessly and hope we hit some place decent in our price range. We’re mostly going for the food, that’s sort of our thing. Suggestions are very very welcome and appreciated.

ANYWAY uh, I guess I’ll write about what I did the past three or so days I neglected this blog.  Tuesday Brittni and I biked a little bit and got chinese food at Eastern Dragon.  Best fucking chinese ever, and I’m not just talking out of my ass because it’s a place I go often.  It’s not like those other chinese places who’s food tastes like they sent it through a car engine before serving it to you.  It’s good shit.  Anyways.  Steph was around so she joined us for fortune cookies and left.  Afterwards we went to Goodwill and I found a neat mug from Germany for 99 cents and, shit, you know how I am.  We biked a little more and it started to rain, so we packed it in.

Wednesday Marty and I hung out for a while and went to the Braindead show at Siren.  We played ‘count the calf tats’ and played with a butt plug later in my kitchen for a while.

Yesterday I babysat, then hung out with Scott and watched Feast.  On the way home, I got lost for nearly half an hour waaay south 309 where I’ve never driven before, past curfew.  Good stuff



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