Yo Wummin,

June 8, 2008

Thanks Steph

I’m going to start this post off with an admit of defeat; clam strips took my vegetarian aspirations and ripped them to shreds. So, I’m restarting today.

I’d also like to add for anyone that hasn’t read my previous posts – I’m only doing the whole vegetarian diet for a week and seeing what happens. I’m not in it for the animals. I mean, I do love animals – but it ain’t like that.

Anyway, yesterday I woke up, and at about 4 or so, Marty came over. We went to the Q-Mart, played COD4, visited Caitlin, and watched that Family Guy Star Wars movie. Afterwards, I drove over to Brittni’s and her, Steph and myself went to Wal-Mart to get Chelsea’s present. We bought a shit load of candy and put it in a pinata. We went to Chelsea’s party for a few hours and then went to John’s, and I crashed at Brittni’s.



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