Longer Than ‘Free Bird’

May 30, 2008

Today I did a lot of babysitting and cake eating until about 7:30 when I decided to go to the Promenade and bring Brittni. I ended up adding to my Chuck Klosterman shrine with:

But I probably won’t even touch it* until I re-read Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs (which I just finished today), and probably again and again until I’m positive I got 100% out of it. I like to completely understand the things I actually finish (a rare occurance) before moving onto something else.

While peeking through the first few pages of this book (*I cheated), which just so happen to be page after page of praises of Klosterman from the likes of USA Today, the Los Angeles Times and other huge intimidating publications, an upsetting suspicion stirred up inside my gut: is Chuck Klosterman – the man I’ve been hailing religiously for SOME time now, owing to the fact that he has written one of the extreme few pieces of literature I feel I can actually somewhat relate to and consequently rekindled my forgotten interest in books – an asshole? Can it be?

While it’s probably extremely likely (I know I would get a little self-confident from media giants clawing at my window, waiting for me to publish another award-winning account of popular culture to intellectually hump), I won’t believe it. I can’t. He’s real and clever and what I aspire to someday be something like, and that person cannot be big-headed. I laugh at people who are aggressive about making gods out of themselves, any scrap of self-credibility I sense will immediately categorize anyone in my head as a ‘huge faggot’.

In any case, my purchasing of this book only further proves to you all how weak-in-the-knees I am for nerds and realistic and logical criticism and rationalization of common sentiments held by the majority of the populace. I can’t wait to read it.

I also bought my mom this strange organic green salsa.  It’s an alien spin on something she already likes, so I figured it’d be a fun random gift.

Let’s talk about my new shoes.

I was sitting in Web Development today when Chelsea asks to see my new shoes. I kick one off in her general direction and she muses over how the sole’s imprints looked like the traction on a tire. I haven’t noticed this before, and thought it was interesting. I knew some parts of these shoes were eco-friendly, but I had no clue.

We brought the shoe company’s page up on the internet and, to my surprise, these shoes are nearly completely green. The fabric is hemp, the linings are organic cotton, recycled PET (material from recycled plastic bottles) laces and pedbeds, vulcanized rubber sidewalls, %100 recycled paper foot forms, and – finally – soles made from used tires. I feel like all I need to do now is go drink lemon tea and throw on some Japanther, I hate my life.

Anyway. There’s some sushi in the fridge downstairs that’s calling me. I guess it goes pretty well with my new shoes.


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