I’m What You Created

May 29, 2008

This Summer I want to grow a vegetable garden. Not that I particularly like gardening (or vegetables, for that matter), but I want to see how having something in my life that’s own life hangs on the balance of my decision of whether or not to get up in the morning will affect my psyche and, more importantly, the way I handle responsibilities from then on as opposed to how I handled them before.

What I’m treating my life as, presently, is little more than a big experiment. I might as well. I’m in an anti-climactic rut in my life and need something to surprise and enlighten me. And truthfully, it’s not like I have been taking my life seriously at all anyway.  This is my way of putting it to good use.

And if any of you were curious, the MySpace fast failed miserably. I was logged back in no more than 48 hours later. Usually I go on the computer to check my messages and end up clicking around at pointless things for hours. Without feeling inclined to check any messages, however, I ended up hardly using the computer at all. I read a lot, and played guitar. I even learned an Alanis Morissette song on the harmonica. Don’t laugh, either – she’s very talented. But, uh, I digress.

I’ll probably do a full-blown computer fast sometime this Summer and see what I actually do.


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