Small Things That Everyone Else Can Deal With But I Can’t, vol.2

May 25, 2008

1. The Words ‘Epic’ and ‘Intense’

Not only are these two words hugely overused, they’re also hugely misused.  I think people probably realize this as they’re saying it, but say it anyway.  It’s misleading and you usually just get disappointed when you find out what they’re trying to describe.  I just hate it.  If that trick was ‘epic’ or that album was ‘intense’, you’d better be fucking sure.

2. Hating Things Because They’re Popular

Most people won’t openly admit to it, but something becoming popular seems to be a discernible reason to stop liking it.  Unless it’s radically changed or it becoming popular causes you to have to deal with it more often on a day-to-day basis and that, in effect, makes it annoying to you, I see no real reason to denounce your appreciation of it.

Maybe they’re afraid of having something in common with more shallow, impressionable people.  GOD FORBID, you know.  Make some fucking friends.

3. Indiana Jones Having Aliens in it

Don’t even pretend like you don’t agree with me.

4. My Web Development Teacher Playing Horrible Music Loud

I get dick done in this class ’cause I can’t ever fucking concentrate.  I just promise myself I’ll make up the work later and spend the rest of the class on the LG board ’cause that seems to be the only site of interest left that Bess hasn’t blocked.

I swear he turns it up louder every day.


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