“Know What I Call That? …Sweet.”

May 14, 2008

There are few things I hate more than listening to commercials abuse common slang words like ‘sweet’, ‘dude’, and ‘gnarly’. I can understand that they’d want to seem docile and trustworthy to their target audience, but enough is enough and the magic of the words is being exhausted.

…And then it all went to shit.

What’s worse, they use them in totally inappropriate ways and when they’re unnecessary. I cringe every time I hear a McDonald’s ad drop a ‘legit’, and ponder ways to end my life when I hear Budweiser drop those ‘dude’ bombs (I’ve been fancying ‘death by chocolate’ lately).  If the madness doesn’t stop, I swear on my life I’ll find their marketing teams and slaughter every last one of them with my bare hands.  Their heads will be on spikes in my font yard, on proud display like fine china.

Fuck you recent marketing trends, and fuck you Rocket Power.


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