Hey Gays

May 13, 2008

On the drive to school today, Rani came out of nowhere and stood in the path of my moving car until I stopped, ripped me out through my window, held a P90 to my head and demanded I skip school and hang out with her. My hands being tied, I obediently got in her Jeep and we drove away over the hills to Finland.

Do what the man says

Evidently Finland is not a Finnish-speaking Nordic country (contrary to popular belief), rather, a small clearing in the middle of the woods with a charming bed-and-breakfast just southwest of Trumbauersville.

There are a lot of cute furry aminals to run over there.

In other news, I have a 14% in Web Development, a 30-something % in American Lit and incompletes in gym and Computer Programming II.  HEY GUYS YOU THINK I SHOULD START GOING TO SCHOOL MORE?

No, I always bring my shit up before report cards.  Don’t worry.


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