Suffer the Children

May 8, 2008

So that little kid came over again today (and what blessings these times we spend together are).

There were three donuts left on the table, Franklin and Lucas both had one and I grabbed the last one.  The kid goes, “Hey!  That should be mine!”  And I was going to give it to him ’cause he’s a little kid, but I wanted to have some fun first.  I go, “Why should you have this?”  He said that he just should.  I asked him how many he already had, and he goes, “Like six!  I should have that one too though!”

So I lol to myself and ask how bad he wants it.  He said he should have it and said that I was stupid because I wouldn’t give it to him.  He said I was stupid.  So, I ate it right then and there.  And in case you were wondering, yes it was as hilarious in real life as it sounds in text.


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