Chaos Ain’t Me

May 4, 2008


Well this is unusual. Went to the Spark show tonight, left when I realized it would be $8 to get in and stand around watching a bunch of electronica bands I’ve never heard of before with a bunch of fags from Quakertown I hate, so I just bought Spark’s new CD and split.

It’s cool, because now I have approximately $0 USD for gas this week. **SARCASM**. I’m going to have to do some serious picking and choosing. This sucks, because I already do enough picking and choosing as it is because I never have money ever, not just now. It’s always. $50/wk sounds pretty tasty to the average kid, but when you’ve got to pay for gas all the time it’s nothing. It’s a Red Bull and a pack of gum and a kick in the tit.

Whoa, backpedaling. Anyways. Went to Starbucks with Rani, Kyra and Lauren and came home. Broc and Ryan are here, but they’re probably leaving soon. It’s too wet to have a bonfire, I’m just going to be home alone all night again. Somebody come rape me or something, hogtie me and throw me in a trunk and take me to Arkansas.

I’m bored. Hey, awesome Saturday night.


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