“Get Offa Ma Berrrd”

April 29, 2008

Today was just another day I guess. Nothing special about it. I came in about fifteen minutes late to school as I usually do (and consequently earn myself more Saturday detentions than I can really bear to endure), did school, came home and wiped the kitchen cabinets/fridge clean with my salivating black-hole mouth, turned off all the lights and listened to Linkin Park (which is, admittedly, pretty embarrassing – but there are far worse things that I do to be embarrassed by something so petty. It’s nostalgic, HOKAY), hung out with Jebediah and went to Zac’s (despite the torrential downpour – which is sketchy weather for me to be driving in, seeing as how it turned out so well last time and all).

Zac. *melts*

I need a hobby and/or responsibility. Anybody need help with anything?

Also, guess the band represented by the picture and win a PRIZE


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