I Hate When People Bitch About

April 25, 2008

Things that nobody could ever hope to change, ever, like global warming and celebrities and everything in between. It’s like hey, that’s great, get some people together and we’ll rally outside of the douche store, douche. If things are irreversibly bad, the least you can do is not remind us all the time about it and try to wring tired debate out of us like an old dirty rag. If you want to try your hand at ‘serious’ conversation, make it something worthwhile. Or hey, you could actually ‘do’ something about whatever it is you’re pissed about, I hear that’s pretty hot.

I hate when people bitch about stuff like fake tans and Frappucinos, like either of those make you less of a person. Lord. I’ll have my whole WordPress audience know that I am a firm advocate of fake tanning and loves me some french vanilla Frap every now and again, AND I’M REAL AS SHIT YA’LL

Exception: Bitching in blog/journal-type things.  You can turn that shit away if you just don’t wanna have it, but there’s no real way to turn people off… politely


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