Get a Hold of Yourself

April 23, 2008


Today I got my first speeding ticket.  Every time I drive away from Caitlin’s house, I go really fast down this one hill ’cause there’s this awesome bump at the end that makes me get a little air.  I made the mistake of remembering the bump and going 60 in the 40 to achieve said air.  I go “HYEEEW-WEE” because it was fun, and I look in my rear-view mirror.  Fuzz.  His lights weren’t on, but there was no way in hell he missed that.  Sirens begin to blare.  Taylor pulls over.  Receives ticket.

I then went to Zac’s house.  He wasn’t feeling the best, so I told him to get some sleep and that I would see him on Friday.  I then went to Wawa and bought him a Mach 3 he will find on his car tomorrow morning.

I need some shut eye


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