Bad Week

April 22, 2008

The past three or so weeks have been balls to the wall, and now this week is sucking.

I mean, it’s only Tuesday, but I feel like shit.  Feeling like shit in the beginning of the week is usually a little red flag for the rest of the week sucking, and maybe the next, and maybe (if I’ve been a good girl) the next week.  Good stuff!  Some sustenance would be cool.

Listen to how broke I am.  Yesterday I had to transfer $100 from my savings (which had been, up until this point, untouchable) because I had run my account down to .08.  That’s eight cents.  LOL?  And I don’t get paid again until Friday.

I have to babysit today.  This means ham and cheese omelets, gallons of coffee, and straight Morrowind for hours on end.  I don’t even cay.  I’m still just trying to ‘get’ this game, there are so many fine details and it’s all just making my head spin trying to nail it all.

*Sigh* in other news, it appears to be getting a little bit cooler again.  This is good for Taylor, because it means less blacking out at the wheel.  That was good last time I checked.


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