April 18, 2008

To have a punk/hardcore station featuring familiar punk/hardcore bands, namely Breakdown


What do I personally think of this?

I’m for it. Sure, it will probably make hardcore much more popular – but I don’t necessarily see this is a problem. Suppose a sudden surge of frat-types infest your local scene, I’m sure lots of them who would have a lot to offer would have otherwise never been introduced to the scene.

As for those who have nothing to contribute – well they’ll leave soon enough, won’t they? How long could they possibly last around die-hard lifers who have been doing this since they graduated elementary school?

I mean, you really just gotta welcome new kids with open arms.  The scene isn’t some sort of members-only type deal with secret passwords and handshakes, it’s music and a good time and if you really thought it was so great then you wouldn’t be so reluctant to share it with others.

I don’t know why I’m holding it down for the scene so hard. What do I care, really.


One Response to “GTA 4”

  1. ZACLOL Says:

    GTA4 > Scene

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